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About Our Lab

Our research is focused on gaining a better understanding of the behavior of complex energy systems while also working to bridge the gap between power systems and nonlinear complex networks. To do this, we employ various tools and techniques including control theory, complex networks, reinforcement learning, and optimization. Our research is specifically geared towards discovering new ideas, algorithms, and applications that can be used in the context of power system stability and energy storage systems integration.

We have an open Ph.D. student position in Fall 2024 for someone with a background in Control Theory and Nonlinear Systems. It would be a plus if you also have knowledge of power systems stability or inverter design. To apply, please send your resume and a writing sample (such as an IEEE paper or your M.S. thesis) to ziang.zhang@binghamton.edu with “prospective student” in the email title (this is our secret code, so I know you’ve read my website). Candidates with a suitable background will be notified of the next step.