EECE 512x

EECE 512x Microgrid and Distributed Energy Integration


Today, the legacy grid has encountered many challenges that it was not initially designed to handle. An efficient, flexible, modernized, and upgraded grid is more desirable than ever due to the unsustainable nature of conventional energy resources. There is an urging need from academia and industry for talented students who understanding the fundamentals of renewable energy systems. This course will provide students with the knowledge and experience essential for their pursuit of a more advanced study and a power engineering career.

This course focuses on renewable energy generation such as solar and wind, energy storage systems, and demand side response. The following topics will be discussed: working principles and modeling of renewable energy resources; grid-tie battery system and battery state of charge estimation; introduction to the concepts of smart grids, microgrid, as well as demand-side management; analysis of integrated renewable energy systems.

Prerequisite: Power Systems and Matlab/Simulink. Or approval of instructor.


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