Research Projects

Past & Current Projects:

2017 – 2019: Development of a Low-cost DER system, funded by NYSERDA, PI, $379,665

2016: Integrated Sustainable Power System Operation & Planning with Real-time Population Estimates, funded by Binghamton University Interdisciplinary Collaboration Grants, co-PI, $10,000

2015: An Active Grid-Friendly Distributed Energy System Testbed, funded by Binghamton University Smart Energy TAE seed grant, PI, $15,000

2014: Real-time transform parameter estimation using terminal measurements, US20170030958 (PostDoc work at ABB US Corporate Research Center)

2010 – 2013: Consensus-based economic dispatch (PhD work at NCSU FREEDM system center)

For prospective Ph.D. students, a strong background in control theory is required, knowledge about power system operation and control is a plus. I’m only looking for students with M.S. degree.